26 December 2011

Bread baking mixtures

Küchenmeister Bread baking mixtures
Product: Bread Baking mixtures (only add water) and flour
Hechsher: Kosher Mehadrin by Rav Hod-Hochwald, Check out the kosher certificate amongst all certificates.
Brand: Küchenmeister
Producer: Friessinger Mühle
Other products: Wheat flour, Rye flour, Corn starch, Potate starch
Where to buy: Rewe, some Edeka, any Metro super market (registration required)

Kosher bread is one of the most important grocery items. While there are few options in Berlin to buy kosher bread, baking your own is by far the most affordable and also most kosher solution.

With the help of an automated bread machine and bread baking mixtures the effort to bake bread can be reduced to a few minutes (examples are for a 750gr bread)

  1. Add 350ml luke-warm water
  2. Add 500gr bread baking mixture
  3. Set bread maker to standard program (about 3 hours)
  4. Wait 3 hours
  5. Remove perfect bread:
Our self-made bread
If you don't like the simple standard shape you can also use the bread maker to only mix, knead and raise the dough and then bake it in the oven in your desired shape, for example as Challah (see there for our bread maker Challah recipe).