About This Blog

We live in Berlin.
We keep kosher.
We like to talk about how we manage to do this and share our experience.

After sharing kosher tips at Woman's meetups, in the shul and elsewhere we felt it to be time to start a public meeting place for this topic.

We hope to enrich your kosher live in Berlin with the information we provide here. We research it as well as we can, please inform us about any changes or broken links.

If you would like to join forces and add content here, please contact us at +491707537260.

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  1. B"H
    Shalom liebe Nadja,
    danke für eure Blog! Es wäre noch interessant, die Preise von den Produkten anzugeben. Dieses Eis kostet z.B. beim Kaufland 1.- Euro weniger, als beim Nah und Gut! Auch die parve Schlagsahne könnte man erwähnen!
    Alles Liebe


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